May-August 2017

5/4 Thurs. 10 AM Crafts   RSVP to hostess Mary Jo Spring. Project: butterfly feeder.  For more information call Sally Evans.
5/14 Sun. Happy Mother’s Day!
Thurs. 1 PM Bibliophiles II   Jeanne Spaulding will lead a discussion of When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi. RSVP to hostess, also Jeanne.
6/8 Thurs. 10 AM Crafts   Come join us with your craft ideas to share and a fun social time.  For more information regarding hostess and location, call Mary Jo Spring.
6/9 Fri. 9:30 AM  Friday Morning Bridge RSVP to hostess Marian Rees.
6/15 Thurs. 11:30 AM Bibliophiles II   Potluck to pick next year’s books. Please RSVP to hostess Valerie Hatton. Please bring one or two titles with good library availability, plus your calendar to sign up as hostess.
6/17 Sat. 3-5 PM End-of-the-Year Celebration and Entertainment   See homepage.
6/30 Fri. Dues Are Due!
7/4 Tues. Happy Fourth of July!
Weds. 1:30 PM Bibliophiles I  We will all meet to choose books for the coming year. Please have two suggestions if you can.  RSVP to Lorraine Coccaro.  NOTE change of date to 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Thurs. Vital Link Deadline   Please send articles and Sept.-Oct. calendar information to Julie Dalrymple.
8/26 Sat. Women’s Equality Day   Women’s Equality Day celebrates the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution on August 26, 1920.