Watch for Your Ballot! and Friendship Breakfast

The September member vote to return AAUW California to a public benefit corporation failed because of 26 “No” votes. Although 99% of votes were “Yes,” it was not enough. Our state’s corporate regulations require a unanimous “Yes” vote to change the status of a corporation.
AAUW California is calling for a re-vote to take place January 9-11, in hopes of avoiding costly and time-consuming legal options. Please vote “Yes.”

Friendship Breakfast
Wednesday, February 14, 9 AM
Panera Bakery, 1035 El Monte Ave, Mountain View

Friendship Breakfast, cont. (more on AAUW-CA Re-Vote below)

Celebrate Friendship with us on Valentine’s Day! In memory of member Paula McFall, who began the tradition.

For at least twenty of the fifty-plus years our branch has been in existence, branch members have gathered on Valentine’s Day to celebrate friendship with our branch members and guests  (many of whom subsequently have become members.)

This year on Wednesday, February 14th we will keep the tradition going by meeting informally at the Panera Bakery at the corner of El Monte and El Camino in Mountain View.  No reservations are required, each attendee can order what she wants from the Panera breakfast selection, coffee refills are limitless, and the manager has been accommodating in allowing us to reserve several tables in the back area so there is seating for all who come.

In recent years we have eaten the Panera Bakery out of all their quiches and breakfast croissants, so it pays to arrive early if you want these delicacies.  The supply of muffins and cinnamon rolls is apparently inexhaustible, but let’s challenge the Bakery by having a really large turnout this year.  Put on your Valentine red or pink, bring a friend along, and help us fill the back room with chatter and laughter while the other patrons wonder who those ladies are and why they are having such a good time!


If you would like more information, please contact Sue Cochran at If you do not understand the issue, please do not vote “no” because it has serious and costly consequences. Detailed information about the issue is available at

AAUW-CA vote-yes-reasons

AAUW-CA vote-yes-reasons

For your information, the results of the ‘every member’ vote in September 2017 are as follows: Total AAUW CA Membership: 11907; Total votes cast: 3160; Total yes votes: 3134; Total no votes: 26.

California corporate regulations require that all votes cast for a mutual benefit corporation to change its status to an entity such as a public benefit corporation must be unanimous.  AAUW CA’s legal counsel has advised us that we can call for a re-vote in hopes of avoiding the more costly and time consuming legal options.

Members with e-mail addresses on file will cast their vote electronically. A voting code will be sent in your email – please watch for it! Those members without an e-mail address on file will receive instructions via a postcard to call the AAUW CA office to cast their vote.