Membership Renewal

If you haven’t yet renewed, do it now so you won’t miss out on our 2018-19 activities.

It’s time to renew your Los Altos-Mountain view AAUW membership. As a member of AAUW, you can take pride in the work you’ve made possible:

AAUW Work Smart is expanding to reach millions of women from Massachusetts to California to help them negotiate for fair salaries.

270,000 messages went out to lawmakers last year from AAUW members and supporters calling for stronger, safer laws for women and girls.

The gender pay gap will never be ignored again thanks to AAUW’s groundbreaking report The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap.

You’re standing with survivors in the critical #MeToo movement by making sure AAUW is poised to defend women of all backgrounds from sexual harassment and assault through legal advocacy and public policy progress.

As a member, you’re inspiring thousands of up-and-coming women leaders on campus.

Whether your heart lies in being a voice for women facing discrimination and harassment, fostering women’s leadership careers, challenging harmful policies on Capitol Hill, or helping girls pursue their dreams in math and science, know that your membership in AAUW matters. AAUW takes your support seriously, and that’s why national plans to invest in even more women through its programs, funding, and advocacy in the year ahead.

Remember that the AAUW Board of Directors voted in June 2017 to enact the first dues change in almost a decade. Effective March 16, 2018, national dues will increase from $49 to $59. State and local dues will remain the same, but your renewal will be $102, unless you are a Life Member and only pay state and local dues – $43.

Annual dues currently account for 13 percent of AAUW’s annual budget. A combination of dues, donations, and corporate and foundation funding is critical to supporting AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops, ground-breaking research, advocacy efforts, campus leadership programs, and more.

Angie Cooper, at AAUW’s national office in DC will help Susan Ware, LA-MV Membership work with you the latest renewal by on-line Membership Payment Program for 2018-2019 renewals.

Please be aware members will renew through a secured email link they will receive through their email.  No login required anymore, which was the difficulty for many members trying to renew on-line. Susan will begin sending renewal information, as always, beginning May 1, 2018. Susan hopes that all members who have on-line access and wish to pay on-line will do so by June 30, the end of the current year.

If you prefer, you can pay by check directly to Susan as in the past. Members who do not have on-line access will be sent renewal requests by mail.

Please note, that a $10 increase over a year amounts to 80 cents a month, not much for all the benefits to women and girls that AAUW supports.