County Voter Registration Project Needs You

Would you like to help democracy thrive and feel really good about doing so?
If yes, then Santa Clara County branches of the League of Women Voters and American Association of University Women have a very exciting opportunity for you. We are undertaking an effort to pre-register to vote all eligible high school students in Santa Clara County.

Over the last year we have been working with the County on the development of an in-classroom program to pre-register high school juniors to vote.
In California all citizens may pre-register to vote starting at age sixteen, ready to vote when eighteen.

The program is under development, and we will train volunteers Fall 2019 and begin to register students in January-February 2020. While a number of programs of this kind are underway in various pockets of Santa Clara County, including our current AAUW branch project with the local LWV at Los Altos High School, this effort is to institutionalize the process in a long-term
sustainable manner.

What does raising your hand to volunteer mean?
● Attend a 90-minute training session.
● Spend three to six hours on one day in one
of the county high schools.

That’s it. When you are done you will be part of a team that will have registered thousands of high school students and set up the opportunity to register many more thousands of high school students each year thereafter.

Why do this?
● Because it is incredibly rewarding and fun.
● Maybe because you attended one of the high
schools in Santa Clara County and want to
give back to the students and the district.
● Or because you can help us inspire the
largest demographic voting group since the
baby boomers.

Whatever your reason the county organizers could certainly use your help and we hope you sign up to volunteer. If you are interested please contact Claire Noonan at Please, leave your name, email, and phone number . When the training dates are decided, you will be contacted. At the training, you will learn the days of pre-registration, when, and where.

Help raise the age 18-24 national voters to more than 31% (national age 18-24 voters in 2018 mid-term elections). Please volunteer!